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Current Instructors

Alan Teichman Headshot
Allan Teichman
Stage Manager
Anita Hill Headshot
Anita Small
Arwen MacDonell
Freelance CAEA Stage Manager
SMArts Default Picture For No Headshot
Carolyn Plater MSW, RSW
Co-Founder of Hoame Meditation
Catherine Joell MacKinnon Headshot
Catherine McKinnon
Chris Buss Headshot
Chris Buss
General Manager, Production Canada
Darla Biccum
Dustyn Wales
Business Representative, Canadian Actors' Equity Association
Erin Fitzgerald Headshot
Erin Fitzgerald
Freelance Stage Manager
Janelle Rainville
Freelance Stage Manager / Freelance Production Manager / Instructor
Janet Sellery Headshot
Janet Sellery
Consultant, Sellery Health + Safety
Jeff Morris
Stage Manager, National Ballet of Canada
Kat Chin Headshot
Kat Chin
Equity Stage Manager & Assistant Stage Manager
Ken Burns
Recovering Stage Manager
Louisa Adamson Headshot
Louisa Adamson
SMArts Default Picture For No Headshot
Lynn McQueen
Communications Director, CAEA - Canadian Actors' Equity Association
Meghan Speakman Headshot
Meghan Speakman
Stage Manager
Natasha Bean-Smith
Stage Manager
Paul Fujimoto
Technical Director, The Grand Theatre
Ray Salverda
Director of Special Projects, BaAM Productions
Sarah Miller
Equity Stage Manager
Sharon E. Secord
Head of Wardrobe, University of Waterloo Department of Drama and Speech Communication
Sheldon Davis
Simon Marsden Headshot
Simon Marsden
SMArts Default Picture For No Headshot
Stephanie Kersta MSc, RP
Co-Founder of Hoame Meditation
Susan Monis Headshot
Susan Monis
Stage Manager
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