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COVID Edition

Monday, May 4 – Friday, May 15, 2020

They say the show must on…but just not always in the same format.

When the state of emergency was announced last month we were deep in the planning stages for the Toronto conference.  We figured we would have to cancel and put everything on the back burner until 2021.  But we stage managers are a hardy lot and we decided to pivot and re-imagine the conference.

I was hesitant to move the conference online for two reasons.  Firstly, we are very sensitive to the fact that while many stage managers now have ample time for professional development, they have lost anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months worth of contracts.  While we would love to offer our courses for free, we believe in paying our instructors and staff, and SMArts is not in a financial position to carry that cost.  Secondly, one of SMArts core values is creating community.  Participants and instructors discuss issues not only inside the conference room but also on breaks, over coffee, and at the bar on the closing night.  My fear was if we moved online we would lose that sense of community.

So we have come up with a plan that answers both of those concerns.

WEEK 1 (May 4 – 8)

  • Each day we will host a FREE national conversation / panel discussion on different topics of interest to the stage management community.
  • These conversations will take place on ZOOM at 1 p.m. EDT so that stage managers from across the country can join in.
  • A description of the different topics and moderators can be found here.
  • To join the conversation, please register online and you will receive the link the morning of.

WEEK 2-3 (May 11 – 22)

  • Each day we will offer one course online taught by one of our expert instructors.  The courses have been chosen for their fit for online delivery.
  • The cost of courses is on a sliding scale from $10 – $35.  Please pay what you believe you can afford.
  • Courses are capped at 40 participants.
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This is a new venture for SMArts and we are excited, and slightly nervous, about the COVID Edition of our conference.  We look forward to seeing you digitally.

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