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Stuck in the Middle – 2 years later

Monday, May 4  |  1pm – 3pm

In March 2018, SMArts held the first of three discussions surrounding Workplace Harassment just for stage managers entitled “Stuck in the Middle”.  These discussions were an opportunity to come together to share, dialogue, and brainstorm about what specific tools and resources stage managers need to help support safe work spaces.  We realized stage managers are often ‘stuck in the middle’ – we are not management, but we are often the go-to person in the room to deal with issues on behalf of performers and stage management.  Now two years later, where are we now?  Have all the new policies and training changed anything?  How far have we come and how far do we have to go?  Join a national discussion on this topic moderated by HR consultant (and ex-stage manager), Jeanne LeSage.


Branching Out

Tuesday, May 5  |  1pm – 3pm

Looking at options beyond stage management. Thinking about transitioning out of stage management? Wondering what options are out there and how your skills may translate to a different field. Join us for a panel discussion and Q&A with former SM’s who have moved on to careers in corporate events, arts administration and festival organization.  Panellist include: Shani Hamilton Greenlaw, Michael Sinclair, Melanie Klodt Wong, Brenda Pilatzke-Vanier, Melissa Novecosky and Judie Kavanagh.  Moderated by Erin Fitzgerald.

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SMArts Parents

Wednesday, May 6  |  1pm – 3pm

For the last year, a group of stage managers with kids have been meeting to talk about their successes and challenges with juggling career and children.  The group spans a variety of different types of family units (mothers, fathers, 2 parents, single parents, 1 or more children).  The group will discuss topics such as planning prior to baby, support systems, getting back to work and potential accommodations for working SM parents.  Panellists include: Robert Harding, Kat Chin, Alison Peddie, Marie Fewer-Muncic and Heather Lewis.  Moderated by Janelle Rainville.

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Training Apprentices

Thursday, May 7  |  1pm – 3pm

In order to become an Equity stage manager, people must complete the apprenticeship program. However, there is no standardized method of training apprentices. As stage managers we are trained to stage manage – we are not trained to teach.  How do you prepare for working with an apprentice and establish a good working relationship?  What techniques and methods can you use to help train your future colleagues?  How do you effectively mentor and train your apprentice while also successfully managing the production? Join a panel of stage managers from across the country as they discuss Stage Management training on-the-job.  Panellists include: Marijka Asbeek Brusse, Nicole Lamb, Christine Oakey, Kate Pallesen (Apprentice).  Moderated by Lisa Russell.


Accessible Theatre

Friday, May 8  |  1pm – 3pm

SMArts is happy to partner with Equity’s Stage Management Committee on an open discussion about accessibility at live theatres and the responsibilities of the stage manager in relation to the engager and the artists. Accessibility is the process of making our work environments and art available to as many people as possible, regardless of ability. The panel discussion will be led by three members of the committee – Natasha Bean-Smith, John Raymond and Meghan Speakman. They will discuss how to handle relaxed and accessible performances, accessibility requests from artists and agreement clauses that relate to accessibility and answer any questions you have about this topic. Please send your questions in advance through email.


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