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Past Instructors

SMArts would not be the conference it is today if it were not for all the past instructors who have shared their expertise and helped to shape and guide this conference over the past 22 years. Though these instructors below are not currently leading a session, and some may have moved onto greener pastures, we would like to honour their participation and support of SMArts.

SMArts Default Picture For No Headshot
Aidan Cosgrave
Founder & President, JST Productions
Alexis Buset
Freelance Technical Director / Production Manager
Alan Teichman Headshot
Allan Teichman
Stage Manager
Amanda Hancox
Executive Director, Dancer Transition Resource Centre
Andrew North
Academic Production Manager, School of of Creative and Performing Arts at University of Calgary
Anita Hill Headshot
Anita Small
Ann Stuart
Stage Manager, Stratford Festival
Arwen MacDonell
Freelance CAEA Stage Manager
Barry Burns
Company Manager, Shaw Festival
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Ben Chaisson
Sound & Video Designer
Beth Kates
Freelance Designer (Lighting, Projection, Set & Costume)
Bill Jamieson
Freelance Stage Manager
Bonni Baynton
Director of Production, Calgary Opera
Caroline Watters
Stage Manager, Cirque du Soleil
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Carolyn Plater MSW, RSW
Co-Founder of Hoame Meditation
Catherine Joell MacKinnon Headshot
Catherine MacKinnon
Filmmaker / Actor / Playwright: ACTRA/CAEA/PGC
Cheryl Hoover
Director of Production, Citadel Theatre
Chris Buss Headshot
Chris Buss
General Manager, Production Canada
Daniel Levinson Headshot
Daniel Levinson
Artistic Director, Rapier Wit
Debbie Read
Freelance CAEA Stage Manager
Derrick Chua
Entertainment Lawyer & Theatre Producer
Dustyn Wales
Business Representative, Canadian Actors' Equity Association
Erin Fitzgerald Headshot
Erin Fitzgerald
Freelance Stage Manager
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Genevieve Farrell
Academic Coordinator for Chang School and HR / OB Department in the Ted Rogers School of Management
Haysam Kadri
Equity Actor
Heather Landon
Production Manager, Roseneath Theatre
Janelle Rainville
Freelance Stage Manager / Freelance Production Manager / Instructor
Janet Sellery Headshot
Janet Sellery
Consultant, Sellery Health + Safety
Jeanne LeSage, CHRL, MBA
Consultant, LeSage Arts Management
Jeff Cummings
Planning Director, Shaw Festival Theatre
Jeff Morris
Stage Manager, National Ballet of Canada
Jennifer Riedle
Senior Business Representative, CAEA
Jennifer Stein
Freelance Event Producer & Director
Jerry Etienne
Chair, School of Fine Arts, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University
Kat Chin Headshot
Kat Chin
Equity Stage Manager & Assistant Stage Manager
Kate Porter
Freelance CAEA Stage Manager
Keith Davidson
Director of Business Rep Services, CAEA - Canadian Actors' Equity Association
Ken Burns
Recovering Stage Manager
Kristin McCollum
Freelance Equity Stage Manager
Lisa Russell
Equity Stage Manager
Louisa Adamson Headshot
SMArts Default Picture For No Headshot
Lynn McQueen
Communications Director, CAEA - Canadian Actors' Equity Association
Marisa Vest Headshot
Marisa Vest
Stage Manager, Cirque du Soleil
Maxwell T. Wilson
Stage Manager, Stratford Festival
Meghan Speakman Headshot
Meghan Speakman
Stage Manager
Michael Code
Registered Psychologist
Natasha Bean-Smith
Stage Manager
Paul Fujimoto
Technical Director, The Grand Theatre
Peter Fleming
Production & Operations Manager, Ryerson Theatre School
Ray Salverda
Director of Special Projects, BaAM Productions
Richard Rose
Artistic Director, Tarragon Theatre
Rick Banville
Director of Production, Young People's Theatre
Robert Harding
Production Stage Manager, Soulpepper
Rose Brow
Executive Director, Vertigo Theatre
Roxanne Prokop Miller
Equity Stage Manager
Sandra Hodnett
Senior Red Carpet Coordinator, Ajyal Film Festival, Qatar
Sarah Miller
Equity Stage Manager
Sharon Bajer
Sharon E. Secord
Head of Wardrobe, University of Waterloo Department of Drama and Speech Communication
Simon Marsden Headshot
Siobhan Richardson
Intimacy Director
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Stephanie Kersta MSc, RP
Co-Founder of Hoame Meditation
Steve Lucas
Freelance Designer
Susan MacNair Reid
Company Manager, Theatre Calgary
Susan Monis Headshot
Susan Monis
Stage Manager
Val Pearson
Equity Actor
Winston Morgan
Founder, S.M.Arts
SMArts Default Picture For No Headshot
Yvonne Rodney
Career Counsellor, Dancer Transition Resource Centre
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