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Toronto Conferences: We present an annual hybrid conference in Toronto for Stage Managers to meet, learn, and exchange ideas. Instructors for the conference are chosen because they are working professionals with successful careers in the arts. Courses cover a wide range of topics, and target stage managers at many skill/experience levels; Basic Skills help young stage managers gain or refine fundamental skills, while Advanced Skills, Genres and Departments offer more experienced stage managers an opportunity to explore different performing art forms, and upgrade and expand their professional range. All participants benefit from exceptional networking opportunities within the professional community.

Masterclasses (Opera, Ballet, Commercial Musical Theatre):  One- or two-day intensive training course focused on stage management in a specific genre. A balance of classroom lecture and observation of a working stage manager in performance is the structure of our Masterclass. A limited class size has the opportunity to learn from experienced stage managers working in a specific sector, within the context of a current production.  Masterclasses are usually offered once a year, based on schedule availability.

On the Road: SMArts travels to cities across Canada to present local stage management conferences in collaboration with local performing arts communities. Regina (1996), Edmonton (1997), Vancouver (1999 & 2010), Montreal (2003 & 2011), Winnipeg (2009), Calgary (2017), Halifax (2018), Corner Brook (2020).

PM/TDArts: Operating under the umbrella of SMArts, PM/TDArts is a parallel Toronto conference that focuses on professional development for Production Managers and Technical Directors.

Community Forums: SMArts has initiated a discussion forum for members of the performing arts community to talk about issues such as harassment, bullying, and safe workplaces. Stuck in the Middle hosted over 50 stage managers in January 2018 in an evolving discussion of a stage manager’s responsibility and role in creating a safe workplace, and a review of anti-harassment legislation and policies.

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