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Anita Small

Anita Small, MSc, EdD is a sociolinguist, educator and researcher. Co-Founder and past Co-Director DEAF CULTURE CENTRE, Canada, Dr. Small is Founder/Owner, small LANGUAGE CONNECTIONS, consulting to theatre companies, museums, broadcast companies, educational and arts institutions. Her work engages diverse communities to co-create empowering organizations, productions, programs and resources.

Theatre Credits: Stratford, Soulpepper, Opera Atelier, Theatre Passe Muraille & Cahoots.

She spearheaded and co-produced TV and website (United Nations World Summit Award, 2013) and, first animated sign language children’s dictionary (gold-winner International W3 Award, 2012). She has obtained over eleven million dollars in cultural program grants and mentors Deaf artists and organizations in grant writing. Dr. Small was co-author/mentor (Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf [CCSD]) for the Canada Arts Council grants for the Black Drum, first feature signed musical production (Canada and France, 2019), the Canadian Deaf artists mentor program and is its Director, Cross-Cultural Interaction and Research. She is cross-appointed to Hogeschool Utrecht University, Netherlands researching Deaf performing arts and is program evaluator for CCSD’s national sign language instructor program for theatre interpreters.   She is author, Deaf Artists and Theatres Toolkit (DATT) (Cahoots, 2016) to engage Deaf performing artists and audiences in theatre.  She is content manager, Deaf Arts Handbook Series: Signed Music (2015) and Deaf Theatre (2019), the documentary Signed Music: Rhythm of the Heart (2015) and co-author of numerous publications on Deaf performing arts, signed music, identity, universal design and creating empowering cultural environments. Anita has provided cultural mediation and training for 30 years in Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, Italy and Japan and is recipient of the Kathy Dolby Award, singular national award from the Canadian Deaf community (2006) given to a hearing individual.

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