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Ken Burns

Recovering Stage Manager

Ken Burns went to school in 1986 to study accounting and computer science at the University of Waterloo and came out four years later yearning to be a stage manager! During his Equity apprenticeship, Ken discovered that there were many Artists who had not filed their tax returns, even though they were entitled to refunds, because ‘the whole tax thing’ was so just so daunting. As he met more Artists, Ken began to realize the purpose of his university years: helping Artists to demystify the tax process, understand the CRA requirements, and organize their record keeping to have confidence in preparing appropriate income tax returns and pursuing fair assessments. Since that time, Ken has worked as a freelance producer, Stage Manager in theatre (TFYA, regional, summer stock, industrial, commercial, touring), Senior Business Representative for CAEA, started his own solar power company, became a candidate for the Green Party, earned a Masters degree in Environment and Business, and currently works for the Ministry of Labour in employment standards. Over more than two decades and throughout a varied and eclectic career, Ken continues to pursue his true calling of helping Artists to understand and confidently navigate their income tax requirements.

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