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Val Pearson

Equity Actor
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Val has been a professional actress since 1979 and has performed across Canada including Theatre New Brunswick, Magnus Theatre, The National Arts Centre, Manitoba Theatre Centre, The Globe Theatre, all of the main theatres in Calgary, The Citadel ,Workshop West and The Chemainus Theatre Festival. Some favorite roles include Hagar in The Stone Angel, Martha in Virginia Woolf, and Grace in Grace and Glorie. In the last few years, Val has been doing more and more directing at The Globe Theatre, Vertigo, Lunchbox and Forte. Her production of Buddy Holly at The Globe enjoyed a five week extension and her production of The Ring of Fire had a Regina run followed by a run at Persephone and a tour of the towns and villages of Saskatchewan. Her latest project, Newfoundland Mary, had its original run at Lunchbox Theatre and then was supported by Smile Theatre for a 2 week tour of Calgary Seniors residences. As an actor or a director, Val has always respected and admired the role of the Stage Manager and is looking forward to working with this team.

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