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“I have been in Toronto for a little over 7 months, and the last 10 days taught me more about the inner workings of theatre in Toronto than the last 7 months!  Every single facilitator of the courses I attended was so well prepared and so candid in the way they shared their wisdom and experience with us.  I am 100% recommending this to my friends and I will be there next year too!”

“Really good handouts and class participation.”

“Good mix of listening and activity.”

“Very forthcoming and friendly to everyone.”

“It is great to chat and bounce ideas off other SMs.”

“These seminars are very effective and are helping me clarify my style of stage managing.”

“I really want to thank you again for the SMArts Conference. I think it has given me the confidence that I can go out there, and be a stage manager!”

“Your course on Dance stage management has made a tangible difference.”

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