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Engaging Deaf Theatre Artists

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Since the creation of the DATT (Deaf Artists & Theatres Tool Kit: Beyond Access) in 2016 by Cahoots Theatre with feedback from the Deaf and Theatre community, many more theatres across Canada are engaging Deaf actors in ASL Interpreted shows and the Deaf community has been producing their own Deaf led performances. This is more than just putting Deaf actors on stage with interpreters. There are pre-production and production concerns such as script, auditioning, scheduling and budget, behind the scenes production planning, rehearsal logistics, tech, staging, props, language and cultural considerations in integrated design and ethical considerations for performance that must be thought through. What is the role and the responsibility of the stage manager in these scenarios? What things do you need to know if you are working with a Deaf actor, set or costume designer or Deaf director? Join Catherine Joell MacKinnon, BFA (Actor, CAEA/ACTRA & Deaf Community Consultant) as she walks us through the process of working with production and creative teams with Deaf and hearing professionals.

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